The Balanced Bear




The consultation is free: if getting adjusted isn't right for you today, you won't be charged. If you're good to go, the first visit includes an examination and adjustment. 45+ minutes.



Make an appointment when you feel like you need or want it. Includes any muscle work, stretches, referrals - whatever you need to help. About 15 minutes.



Children that are 18 or younger whose parent/guardian is a patient. If the kiddo is getting adjusted and his/her parent isn't a patient, they are charged $40 initial and follow-up. 10 minutes.

Extended muscle work/cupping Session

Extended muscle work (with or without an adjustment). Includes whatever your body needs: manual therapy, massage, stretching using MFR/ART techniques, cupping, gua sha, vibration percussion, kinesio taping and an adjustment. New Patients can schedule this for muscle work/cupping without an adjustment. You won't be adjusted until you go through the "New Patient: 1st Visit" appointment.  "Regular Adjustment" is fine for most people, but this is an option anytime you prefer some extra soft tissue love. (Not included in Memberships). 30-40 minutes or 50-60 minutes
$70 or $100


Cash, checks, HSA cards, Venmo, Square Cash, beer, and credit/debit cards accepted. There is a fee ($1-5) for the use of cards.

No need to tip your Chiropractor; unlike similar bodywork fields, we don't expect it.


Your treatment plan is your decision.

Welcome to a no-sales-pitch kind of office. I make recommendations based on what I think your body needs to recover or stay healthy, but ultimately it's up to you to decide how you'll utilize Chiropractic care. No pre-paying for months of care, no minimum treatment visits, no guilt trip if you haven't been adjusted in a long time. The way you treat your body is YOUR daily decision, and I'm here to support you as a health advocate.

Some patients come in for 1-2 visits or just pop in as needed with/without pain. Many require 3-6 visits to get over an issue: the longer you've had the symptoms, the longer it may take to make a change. Some people decide to make Chiropractic a significant part of their healthcare and sign up for a membership to come in weekly for an extended period. Whatever is best for your body, your budget, and your balance is your best treatment plan.



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First adult in the membership. See details below about Memberships. This rate applies if a child is getting adjusted and his/her parent is not a member. (First month/subsequent months)

 $160 / $120



Second adult in the membership. Adults are a family member/partner or adult child and must be living in the same household, but may come to the office separately.

$120 / $80



Children that are 18 or younger whose parent is a patient. Older kids may come in without the parent after the first visit.

$80 / $60




Weekly Memberships are for weekly adjustments. Sometimes Dr. Laura will recommend more than 1x/week, and your membership covers that. It can be paused if you let me know ahead of time that you won’t be able to make it in for a week or more. Initial Weekly Membership is 3 months, after that, cancel anytime.