The Balanced Bear

Give your body some love

Chiropractic is a science, philosophy and art.  Because the nervous system is the master control of the entire body, chiropractic adjustments are made to the spine to free up the nervous system so it can perform optimally.  When the nervous system is working at it's best, muscles relax, joints move freely, your immune system, metabolism, brain, and rest of the body work better.  The purpose of the chiropractic adjustment is not just about reducing pain, but balancing the Eastern honoring of innate intelligence with forward-thinking Western evidence-based practice methods to support your body's amazing ability heal itself.





 How we do things around here

Diversified Technique: This means hands-on chiropractic adjustments for your spine and other joints.  Each adjustment differs depending on each person’s individual nervous system.  Talk with me (Dr. Laura) about any fears or concerns you have about getting adjusted.  You can even be adjusted without being “popped” if you prefer.  I sometimes use an Activator instrument for gentler adjustments of the spine.  Great for the baby bears, our older friends, the hurting, the fearful, and the person who responds best to kind touch.

Expect the use of active and passive myofascial release, myofascial decompressing cupping, trigger point therapy, exercises, education, sleeping recommendations, and a whatever it takes to calm and balance your nervous system and ultimately, all that makes you a vital being.  Muscle work is a significant part of my practice: most adult appointments take about 15 minutes; you won't be in and out in after a quick "crack"; I find that taking the time to warm the body up beforehand aids the adjustment significantly. I have a certificate in acupuncture and use some modalities in the office: gua sha, magnets, and stimulating points.  No needling is done in the studio.

Other therapies like needling acupuncture, massage, in-depth nutrition consults, medical assessments, etc. have an inherent value and I am happy to refer to specialists for any of your needs.

To understand your body, a examination of the neuro-spinal system is used.  There are no X-rays, MRI’s, or scans – but there are facilities nearby if additional testing is necessary to your care.