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Dr. Laura

I grew up falling in love with trees and bears in Minnesota. As a young child, I was sick compared to my 3 healthy, athletic siblings. After multiple trips to the Medical Doctor for changes in medication and diet, I visited a Naturopathic Doctor and eventually a Chiropractor. These practitioners were able to address my whole body instead of just my symptoms and gave me back my freedom to be active like other kids my age! By grade school, I was fascinated with figuring out how the body works and heals itself. My love for corrective healthcare and caring for others led to a career in Chiropractic. I completed my Bachelor’s of Human Biology at Winona State University and Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minnesota, It's cold there, so I moved to San Diego after practicing in Minnesota and Texas to join my siblings and be close to the beach.

I have a passion for equipping people with education about their health.  I enjoy treating a variety of patients: families, athletes, babies, cranky old men, people who are overworked, and anyone with a nervous system.  I have also completed advanced training in Geriatric care and enjoy working with Seniors. My Chiropractic approach addresses the nervous system using musculoskeletal assessment and then providing spinal and extremity adjustments, therapies, stretches, and whatever it takes to get each person’s body healing optimally.

When not providing care for patients at The Balanced Bear, you can find me running, hiking, camping, skiing, swimming – any excuse to be outside. I also love sewing, drinking great beer, eating burgers, faking conversations about cars and football, and spending time with my family and San Diego community.